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Mission: Explore the computing infrastructure of the future. This infrastructure will enable collaborative, secure resource sharing and deliver predictable performance at moderate cost.

Approach: NetSysLab conducts experimental research. We maintain close contact with users and application groups to ensure that our research remains relevant. Our approach is to: (i) characterize existing systems to understand their usage patterns, limitations, and the factors contributing to their success, and (ii) build new systems optimized for common usage patterns while capitalizing on existing successful designs.

Current interests: We focus on large-scale distributed systems. These systems are by nature decentralized at multiple levels: e.g., resource ownership, trust, and system management. In this space, decentralization poses a challenging set of problems and solutions have the potential for high social impact as the rapid acceptance of recent peer-to-peer and Grid research indicates.

Keywords: distributed storage systems, system support for communities based on user-generated content (e.g., science groups, tagging communities), high-performance authorization systems, incentives and mechanisms for cooperation and resource sharing in peer-to-peer systems, GPU, storage systems.

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Media highlights: Storage: 1; Socialbots: 2 3; GPU acceleration: 4; Clouds: 5; Cheating in online games: 6

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