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NetSysLab is always looking for bright, self-motivated graduate students interested distributed systems research (e.g., peer-to-peer, grids, parallel computing, sensor networks). To save you time and effort, I will summarize a few points that answer many questions that I frequently receive from prospective students. If after reading this page and the department’s information for prospective graduate students you do not find an answer for your question then you are welcome to contact me.

For Current UBC Students

If you are interested to join our research group, email me to set up an appointment to discuss mutual research interests. It may be useful for you to read about our research and chat beforehand with some of NetSysLab students. Note that I strongly prefer to accept in the graduate programs students that I have worked before with (e.g., on 496 projects).

For Students Considering to Apply to UBC

ECE@UBC is a strong department with more than 45 faculty doing research in areas of computing science, computer communications and engineering. In particular, we have large software systems and communications research groups with wide interests spanning from the theoretical and algorithmic aspects of networks to the practical issues of designing and deploying large-scale distributed systems. Bottom line: I encourage you to apply!

  • Available positions in my group: Yes, there are available positions for Ph.D. and M.A.Sc. Please, visit the graduate admission page for detailed information on graduate degree programs and the admission process.
  • Work with me: If you mention my name as a potential supervisor in your application, the admission committee will likely consult me IF your credentials meet UBC standards. So, put any information that you want to pass to me in your application.
  • Funding: Your chance for obtaining one of the generous UBC doctoral scholarships (4YF or UDF), is much higher if you can demonstrate research productivity (e.g., through accepted publications, or intriguing projects). I try to fund most of my graduate students through RAs and I strongly encourage them to apply for independent scholarships.
  • GRE Tests: I strongly encourage you to take the GRE tests (at least the 'general' one) even though the department does not require it. Include with your application a copy of your test results or email it to me directly.